We're on a mission to make fresh quality, organic baby food available to babies throughout Northern California. Follow us on this crazy ride as we grow our small, homegrown San Francisco business to bring a baby food as nutritious as you make at home to the refrigerated section of grocery stores everywhere!   


What we believe:

We believe that both parents and kids can and should lead exceptional lives.  We believe that the birth of your child does not also mark the death of so much of you.  We believe that you should provide the best for your kids AND provide the best for yourselves.  We believe that feeding your child fresh, delicious, organic food of the highest quality should not come at a price, in dollars or in time, that is unreasonable.  And if you believe what we believe, than Big Dipper is for you.   

If you are the person that won’t settle for second rate shelf stable baby food, and you struggle to find the hours each week it takes to make fresh, organic baby food at home, then Big Dipper Baby Food is the best thing you can do both for your baby and yourself.  We exist so that you can do both.  You can feed your baby food that is as nutritious as you would make yourself, and create some precious free time to pursue the things that make you the exceptional person and parent that you are.